Listen to your body | by Marica Serio

We all have food cravings, ranging from a giant stack of pancakes to a big juicy burger, and yet, we often deprive ourselves of little things because we think that “it’s unhealthy” or that “it makes us fat”. What we don’t know is that these cravings are sometimes a way for our body to let us know that it lacks something.

Let’s take the example of chocolate, which is rich in magnesium. When we really want to eat chocolate, it’s possible that our body is lacking of magnesium, and that’s why our body is craving it! The same goes for meat cravings, for those who lack iron.

The slightest craving is not always a symptom of a deficiency. But when the urge of eating a specific food becomes very important, we may suspect a lack of an essential nutrient. In this case, it is important to satisfy our desires in order to preserve our health (and if need be, to see a doctor). More generally, as part of a balanced diet and a regular physical activity, it is also important to satisfy our food cravings for our mental well-being.

It is essential for us to listen to our body, and to treat ourselves with moderation!